Yahweh Is The Only God – Aaron Jarvis (I AM God, Pharaoh; Get rid of all your images and idols; Jesus can set you free)

Shame – Aaron Jarvis (I Know One Who Can Remove Your Shame; It’s Time to Loose Your Burden; You Are Who Jesus Says You Are)

Be An Original, Not A Copy – Aaron Jarvis (Be who God made you to be; a new season; don’t let pride get in)

What Does God Look Like? – Luke Robinson (Faith, Hope and Love)

Jealousy – Aaron Jarvis (Jealousy, Envy, Covetousness, Anger)

Grace versus Law – Aaron Jarvis (We’re saved by grace through faith, not by works of the law of which we can boast)

A Man After God’s Own Heart – Luke Robinson (Note: for ‘Absalom’ please understand ‘Saul’)

Psalm 22 – Paul Jarvis (We Are Never Forsaken. Never Believe God Doesn’t Love You)

I’ve Let God Down Again – Aaron Jarvis (Grace for shame. Forgiveness for sin. God can turn it around.)

No Compromise – Aaron Jarvis (Stand Your Ground)

The Cost Of Following Jesus – Aaron Jarvis (The Treasure and the Pearl)

Don’t Look Back – Aaron Jarvis (‘Remember Lot’s Wife’)

Intimacy – Luke Robinson (Song of Songs)

    How To Advance Your Calling – Aaron Jarvis (Focus, Integrity, Perseverance)

    Move In Your Calling – Aaron Jarvis (Pray – Move -Put Your Call Into Action)

    Guard The Vision – Aaron Jarvis 10/01/2021

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