Team is the key word for us, as we strive to build a team that takes to heart the Bible’s principle of ‘…One Body, Many Parts…’, each Leader using the unique giftings God has given them to support and nurture the growth of every visitor to and member of the Church.

LBC Senior Leaders

Aaron and Helen Jarvis started their Londonderry journey many years ago when they met Jesus. They moved to a church where Aaron had the role of Associate Pastor in Kings Norton. They came back to LBC Oldbury 2013; it was at this time they became part of the Leadership of Londonderry. It was then in September 2016 Aaron became the Pastor of LBC.

As LBC has grown and changed so have Aaron and Helen, they now oversee all the congregations that are within the LBC family.

Aaron and Helen have a love and passion for Jesus, for the lost to be saved and for the gospel to be preached from here to the coast, into Europe and the world.

They have had their own personal experiences of tragedy and pain, but they know how Jesus came and saved them from a life of destruction.

They love LBC and the vision of the church; they feel very honoured to be part of such an amazing vision and journey. They love leading people to Jesus, showing them His love and helping them realise their own value and worth in God.


Our Leadership Team

We have a leadership team made up of people who love Jesus and want to see His Kingdom furthered. Team is key at LBC Birmingham, we look to the Bible’s principle of ‘….One body, many parts….’, each leader has their own giftings God has given them to support and nurture the church, every member and every visitor.

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