In September 2016, Aaron was given the role of Pastor at LBC Oldbury.

Londonderry Baptist Church now has multiple congregations. LBC Birmingham is a church plant out
of LBC Oldbury…… 30 people were sent to start this new exciting work in Birmingham from Oldbury.

LBC Oldbury then consisted of 25 faithful servants, who had been loyal and committed to
Londonderry for a number of years. Within the first 3 ½ years we have seen over 200 people come
to faith and baptism’s took place every month for 2 ½ years only being interrupted by the lockdown
due to covid 19 in March 2020.

Aaron came with a vision from God – to build a bigger lifeboat, to plant churches from here, to the
coast, into Europe and into the world! A big vision only attainable for a big GOD!

Prayer is a vital part of Londonderry; our prayer evenings are some of our most special times. We
believe the prayer room is the engine room of any church. ‘No man is greater than his prayer life’